Sean (darksoul) wrote,

"I'm a firm believer in the philosophy of a ruling class. Especially since I rule."

weekend update:
friday night: the Ben Folds concert was great, though the previously unannounced opening act didn't work for the venue (he would've been great in a coffee shop or on a street corner, but not for a crowd of 20-somethings standing together sweating and getting moody because they want to see Ben Folds.) the show was really good, or at least, what we could see of it. it was at an outdoor market area, i.e. no seating, just a bunch of standing bodies. aside from already being crammed like sardines, the stage was low enough that it was difficult to see over the people in front of you to see a guy sitting at a piano on a stage only 4 feet higher than the ground i stood on. still, much fun. went to kat's afterwards and hung out with her, wayne, jamie, and kat's parents for a bit, then headed home. good times.
saturday: went to the Y with Jen and worked out for about an hour, followed by swimming for an hour. good times. for the evening, we picked up Dan and dropped by Blockbuster for some entertainment. picked up Rebecca, a Hitchcock flick based off a play. Not bad, though some of the cheesy accents bugged me. also picked up American Psycho 2, sequel to the movie of the same name. it didn't manage to live up to the first movie, but it was nice seeing Shatner fall drunkenly out a window. i'll admit that i got a sick thrill out of it.
sunday: didn't do much. woke up late, played the Virtua Fighter 4 a bit, then moved on to Medal Of Honor: Frontlines (if there's a villain to be shot, make mine a Nazi). Jen and I did a bit of laundry, then more MOH. eventually we just went to bed.

as for today, i'm ready to just leave. i'm tired, cranky, and this accounting crap is draining my will to live. *le sigh* only 3 more hours to go. must keep that in mind.

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