Sean (darksoul) wrote,

The holy grail of hackerdom for white hats and black hats alike. Maybe it's just me, but it seems awful dangerous to publicize that such a thing exists. Sure, there's no word on what the site is or what sort of encryption keeps it protected. But they're using the freaking internet to transmit orders, keep track of troops, and coordinate battles?! I could round up a resourceful enough group of goons to take out a couple troops long enough to get a hold of one of their laptops and wipe out record of where anyone is, or worse, tell them that hostile territory is occupied by our troops. sure, it would be noticed sooner or later, but not before something terrible happened. God forbid some viscious hacker group finds out how to access the site. At least white hats would just reveal to us what sort of action we're really taking. A group of black hats could do anything from just leaving an "0wnz0r bitch3z" message to transmitting they're own battle plans to getting our troops a cheesy version of Command & Conquer...


I wouldn't put it past our government to be using a multiplayer server of Civ3 or any number of other turn-based combat games with custom maps of the territories to run this whole thing. They send commands from here in the states of what they'd like our troops to do, our troops respond with whatever action the enemy has taken, all the while no one in the outside world realizes how things are being done.



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