Sean (darksoul) wrote,

i need a vacation. this place is driving me batty. don't get me wrong, i like working here, the pay is good, the work isn't too difficult. but some of the people here that i practically have to babysit...gah! earlier i got an annoyed call from a woman in our office complaining that her cd-rom was acting up. i come back there and she starts to accuse me of having given her a computer to use that ate her Tom Petty cd. she started to play the cd through her computer for me and it sounded as though someone had played with her bass & treble settings. while she interrogated me on whether or not we had a cd cleaner in the office or if i could get her a new computer to use because this one was eating her cds, i checked out her settings and all her wire connections. she'd half unplugged the speakers, which cut out most of the sound. when i explained this to her, she looked at me as though i'd done it on purpose. *grumbles* of all the things i could be doing with my time, having people pissed off at me because they can't listen to music via their computer is not on the list, especially when it's their own damn fault.

hmm...perhaps i should scrounge for food sometime soon, seeing as how i haven't eaten since this time yesterday...

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