April 8th, 2020


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  • Wed, 01:51: RT @stonecold2050: Here are the richest pastors in America: Kenneth Copeland $760M Pat Robertson $100M Benny Hinn $60M Joel Osteen $40M Cr…
  • Wed, 01:55: #tfw you wake up in the middle of the night every night from stress dreams about whether or not you wore your mask… https://t.co/7yHNdB5Rsb
  • Wed, 04:14: RT @jonfavs: The nightmare isn't that Trump will cancel November's election (he can't). The nightmare is that he tells his supporters it's…
  • Wed, 11:29: RT @BenariLee: It should be noted that not only does Elizabeth Warren have a plan for everything, they’re GOOD plans.
  • Wed, 11:40: RT @MsPackyetti: Meaning they could have done this at any time. Instead they let people die.