March 20th, 2020


My tweets

  • Thu, 19:13: RT @chrislhayes: I think as US testing ramps up our curve of confirmed cases won’t look like any other country’s.
  • Thu, 20:47: RT @Justinwcomedy: Criminals in Action.
  • Thu, 22:00: RT @chrislhayes: Good god, just send everyone checks. Tax it back from high earners next year!
  • Fri, 08:30: RT @jelani9: Just how much of other people’s saliva were we inhaling before?
  • Fri, 08:39: Pandemic profiteers had better consider how this is going to go for them after this all passes. Jail time was bad e…
  • Fri, 08:52: RT @BenariLee: You can’t have means-testing in an emergency. Speed is essential. Anyone concerned about “rich” people taking advantage, mak…
  • Fri, 11:36: Great to see that President Racist J. Douchecanoe can behave as an adult in a press conference.
  • Fri, 11:47: RT @KatyTurNBC: How small and sad
  • Fri, 11:51: RT @davidfrum: We need to see the stock trades of President Trump and his family in the month of February.
  • Fri, 11:55: Watching the latest White House press conference, you can see that people on that stage are ready to punch the president.