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April 10th, 2019

My tweets [Apr. 10th, 2019|12:00 pm]
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  • Tue, 12:21: RT @Marmel: I'm starting to think the 22 in CA-22 is a reference to Devin Nunes' IQ. #YachtCocaineProstitutes P.S. His district is R+8. Yo…
  • Tue, 12:38: RT @MrDane1982: Bernie Sanders is 77, he has been an elected official since 1981, entered Congress in 1991, why in 37 years people are stil…
  • Tue, 14:04: .@KatyTurNBC aired a medley of first pitches but didn't include @chrislhayes throwing the first pitch for the Cubs???
  • Tue, 15:11: RT @MikeDrucker: I gotta say that I didn't expect the conservative stance in 2019 to be "Well, look, when someone's defending Hitler, they'…
  • Tue, 15:15: RT @emrazz: They are counting on you being too tired to care anymore.
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