October 26th, 2016


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  • Wed, 09:01: RT @KeithOlbermann: A video to send to a Johnson or Stein voter. Recognize Trump's threat: Save the Democracy now, reform it later https://…
  • Wed, 14:53: RT @SaraJBenincasa: Newt Gingrich cums thinking about harassing the Clintons. This has been true since the '90s. It's the only relationship…
  • Wed, 15:02: RT @ditzkoff: why don't conservatives just do their own version of the Daily Show https://t.co/cptQatjYDz
  • Wed, 17:25: Bigoted gasbag incites people to commit treason and revolt. I bet he owns a lot of American flags for a guy that ha… https://t.co/XZygyxfoyh
  • Wed, 17:48: Dear follow white people: if you claim that you are color blind in regards to race, you might be a racist.