May 31st, 2014


My tweets

  • Fri, 12:03: Can I refer to friends that don't identify as cis males as my bros? List is mostly @SelenaCoppock & @alonerandafool done w/all love. #FF
  • Fri, 16:37: RT @joshgondelman: I never want to shut my brain off from new ideas, but I think I'm good with new genres of electronic music.
  • Fri, 16:55: One of these days I'm going to joke about wearing a dress and someone will hold me to it. Hopefully my legs look good that day.
  • Fri, 18:07: That moment when you realize your jerk friends have two Twitter accounts for no good reason and you #FF the wrong one because @ACynNarc
  • Fri, 19:22: Lucky Charms commercial, diabetic shake commercial, hard cider commercial. FX knows who watches Star Trek on a Friday night.
  • Fri, 22:33: The #Hawks might pull off the win. I expect @Katie_Speak will flip a car with joy if they do.
  • Fri, 22:38: Heading home from grabbing a drink in my hood alone and watching hockey with some sports nerd strangers for an hour. Good times.
  • Sat, 07:39: RT @jamiekilstein: On the anniversary of Dr. Tillers murder I await white christians every where denouncing him. Alt ending -white people s…
  • Sat, 10:02: RT @Katie_Speak: All of us ALL OF US grew up learning how to avoid/manage/precent male aggression & anger. #YesAllWomen #nerdland
  • Sat, 10:54: RT @Tormny_Pickeals: you all knew it was coming... my thinkpiece on patton oswalt's latest bad tweet.. magazines pls hire me i write good h…
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