April 1st, 2014


My tweets

  • Mon, 12:57: RT @FrankConniff: Do the 9.5 million uninsured who signed up for Obamacare know they're taking away our freedom by not getting sick & dying?
  • Mon, 13:07: My favorite game to play on Monday is "UGH JOBS ARE FOR SUCKAS I HATE THIS AND WANNA GO HOME" and then I want a nap.
  • Mon, 15:10: A white coworker over 40 just said "wazzzzup???" to me so I'm ending it all goodbye.
  • Mon, 19:13: RT @Tormny_Pickeals: a thing that i enjoy doing is arguing abt politics on twitter &posting facts abt benghazi on unrelated newspaper artic…
  • Tue, 10:07: Come on fhqwhgads forever and ever. http://t.co/9LTUCQpndp