July 29th, 2013


My tweets

  • Sun, 12:46: The urge to throw my arms up and scream like I'm on a coaster hits me every time I'm at Regal. http://t.co/y6t5vAyj9b
  • Sun, 14:58: Fine, The Wolverine was actually really good and I didn't hate it like the XMen trilogy and the first Wolvie flick.
  • Sun, 17:23: How does anyone take Law & Order UK seriously when John Munch hasn't guest starred on it yet?
  • Sun, 19:33: RT @stevenoh88: Fox News: Muslim religious scholar can't write about Jesus but clueless old white men can write laws on women's reproductiv…
  • Mon, 09:11: Weird, the first day as a real employee seems the same as every day I had as a temp. Yay for gainful employment!
  • Mon, 11:27: "Authorities said the operation, which took investigators to race tracks and truck stops..." Gross Amurikans. http://t.co/AD9NNaoGwu