July 4th, 2013


My tweets

  • Wed, 12:25: NC GOP slips abortion law into anti-Sharia law in dead of night. Taliban surely applauds their efforts. Amurika! http://t.co/jFOYCIUS8N
  • Wed, 13:47: I've preordered the new book from @Disalmanac for great justice and you should too. Also for a pie recipe. http://t.co/rce643I5SX
  • Wed, 14:18: If I run around pantsless at the office and no one is here to see it, do the surveillance tapes still document my dancing?
  • Wed, 20:39: Just watched a train go the wrong direction at Times Square after seeing World War Z. Prepared to cave in zombie skulls with iPad.
  • Wed, 21:12: Three 5 year old girls on this crowded train are screaming at each other, unsupervised. I cannot fashion a noose from my slacks fast enough.