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July 2nd, 2013

My tweets [Jul. 2nd, 2013|12:00 pm]

  • Mon, 12:24: RT @owillis: Should I Tell A Rape Joke? A Flow Chart http://t.co/KZ7TJX0ngf
  • Mon, 12:44: If you're asking me "is all the queso gone", you clearly texted the wrong person because I leave no cheese behind.
  • Mon, 13:04: Republicans don't care if moms die in childbirth. She's probably uninsured so the family will owe $$$ + interest to the hospital corp.
  • Mon, 13:35: RT @thelindywest: Weird, the comic who's been obsessively harassing women who criticize misogynist comedy admits to choking his gf: http://…
  • Mon, 13:49: Wait, do you have to choke a bitch for real to work at @ComedyCentral these days? http://t.co/cMKnQRYfKl RT far and wide.
  • Mon, 15:37: Bought a Snickers bar from the snack machine, four fell. Truly a blessing from Jesus! Suck it Buddha!
  • Mon, 16:24: RT @RubinReport: "Alec Baldwin is a bloated, egomaniacal, entitled, rich prick." -- My official statement on #AlecBaldwin, since @CapitalOn
  • Tue, 07:29: If being called a cracker is enough to get you to kill someone, you need to inhale xanax as quickly as possible.
  • Tue, 08:37: RT @therealelp: from @CNN tonight: " N word or cracker...which is more offensive?". probably the one you won't spell out, you fucking hacks…
  • Tue, 11:58: RT @mynameisntdave: Yo MTA, Yeah, I dropped something on the track. A BEAT. HIT IT! UN TISS UN TISS UN TISS UN TISS PICK IT UP, MTA! U…
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