April 30th, 2013


My tweets

  • Mon, 13:06: RT @LOLGOP: Today, the first openly gay professional athlete. Tomorrow, the last P.E. coach to use "gay" as a putdown.
  • Mon, 15:48: Someone at the office just told me that everyone on Lost was dead the whole time. Spoiler alert: threw them off the 20th floor. Oops.
  • Mon, 16:14: So what's all this about Tim Tebow being gay? Is that why he's always praying?
  • Mon, 17:15: Oh good, the Path train is horked. Getting home will be an adventure today. Fuck New Jersey. cc: @fuck_new_jersey
  • Tue, 09:11: What happens when one of these guns that should have been destroyed kill someone? Oh, right, nothing. http://t.co/V7SeydvaVO
  • Tue, 09:29: Should have gone with a dutch oven. "@LeahBonnema: So hard for me not to wake my boyfriend up with the ol' classic "Pull my finger""
  • Tue, 09:36: You've done the baking, just pull the blanket over his head & serve the poot. "@LeahBonnema: I abhor anything that involves cooking."
  • Tue, 10:10: Sports bigots: Jason Collins is still a million times better than you at basketball.
  • Tue, 10:12: Sports bigots: gay men can control themselves in the shower with you, even though you clearly couldn't if you were in a women's shower.
  • Tue, 10:14: RT @JohnFugelsang: If you hate liberals and want a conservative religious gov't w/no abortion or gay marriage, Iran is waiting for YOU.
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