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April 26th, 2013 - Revisionist Historian Extraordinaire! — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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April 26th, 2013

My tweets [Apr. 26th, 2013|12:00 pm]

  • Thu, 12:19: RT @BenariLee: The idea of a George W. Bush Library is hilarious until you realize he was our president for EIGHT years.
  • Thu, 12:44: How much do you have to steal from Spencer's for a felony shoplifting charge? Mrs. Tsarnaev sounds like a winner!
  • Thu, 12:57: "Remember when I started a war to git revenge f'r mah daddy? Yee haw, Saddam's gun! I'm a bad ass!" George W. Bush http://t.co/zl8ZDlCKTN
  • Thu, 13:02: So is radical Christianity. Crazy comes in all forms. "@GrahamBlog: Osama Bin Laden may be dead, but radical Islam is alive and well."
  • Thu, 15:04: Of course I just called @CallinOates to hear Out Of Touch. Duh.
  • Fri, 08:41: The Marathon Bombers really did turn out to just be sad eurotrash. I blame MTV. http://t.co/MEhZWv6t8r
  • Fri, 08:44: @waffletruck "Any chance you'll be parked on Broadway in Astoria this weekend?" he asks longingly.
  • Fri, 09:22: One time @colinpdempsey tried to drunkenly #ff me in a corner. I still have nightmares.
  • Fri, 09:30: "You probably should #ff @LeahBonnema or she'll cut you" was scrawled on my chest this morning. Weird.
  • Fri, 09:38: We all watched @KatraHigher #ff herself at her desk, hoping she didn't want to join the group for happy hour after work.
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