April 18th, 2013


My tweets

  • Wed, 12:49: RT @RubinReport: Senate offices cleared of suspicious packages. Now just the usual shady characters remain.
  • Wed, 13:29: RT @LOLGOP: I'M NOT SAYING TED NUGENT IS THE SUSPECT. Just remember what he said a year ago. http://t.co/tJAuKw8MR6
  • Wed, 14:18: CNN now reporting that it was Mr. Bickers, the abandoned amusement park owner. Or not. STAY TUNED! Please. #thanksCNN #criminalnewsnetwork
  • Wed, 14:38: Opting to spend the rest of the afternoon listening to Eyedea & Abilities's "By The Throat" album instead of news.
  • Wed, 16:06: Good job on being useless, Congress. Are you looking for a job at CNN?
  • Wed, 16:08: RT @MikeDrucker: Today the Senate bravely defended America's most vulnerable group: murder weapons.
  • Wed, 16:38: Winning the votes of paranoid people who fear tyranny rather than protecting the general public from gun violence. Heckuva job, Congress.
  • Thu, 09:24: Overheard this morning: "Aww Christ, I farted against the wind! It's blowing all up around my face! My life is over!"
  • Thu, 11:49: Hate to break it to you ladies but Dove only cares about your money. Unilever, their parent corp, also makes Axe and their gross ads.