April 9th, 2013


My tweets

  • Mon, 12:22: In other urine related news, I'm happy to inform you that elevator car 15 has an established pee corner (the button corner, surprisingly).
  • Mon, 13:10: RT @nachosarah: they're not breakfast burritos they're warm-up burritos for the real burritos I'm going to eat later
  • Mon, 13:15: RT @Disalmanac: UPDATE: The NCAA championship is tonight. The winner receives food and necessities for their home district & a home ...
  • Mon, 15:04: Ignoring my white guilt is hard. #firstworldproblems
  • Mon, 19:02: Awww man, I'd have gotten cable to be able to watch a cartoon from @_mcchris http://t.co/WVor9IXwdf
  • Tue, 08:52: CNN reports 4 in 10 Americans think North Korea is an immediate threat to the US. Now you know that 40% of people are idiots.