August 23rd, 2012


My tweets

  • Wed, 12:07: RT @PaulRyanGosling: Hey girl, Akin is harder to get rid of than Herpes. WHICH I DON'T HAVE, BTW.
  • Wed, 12:10: Kirk Cameron came out in support of Rep Todd Akin. Guess it's time for everyone to congratulate @clairecmc on her win.
  • Wed, 13:02: RT @Disalmanac: Today in 1920, Ray Bradbury was born. His book "Fahrenheit 451" is about what should be done with every single copy of " ...
  • Wed, 14:27: What do you mean 911 isn't for turning in people whose cheap cologne wafts into my 4th floor window? It's clearly a hate crime.
  • Wed, 15:58: Wait, so Paul Ryan wasn't even an official Wienermobile driver? Wrong on rape and lying about wieners. What else do you need to know?
  • Wed, 16:10: RT @lanyardquirk: Shh. We've secretly replaced Dave's Folgers crystals with a note from his wife that she wants him to move out.
  • Wed, 19:27: RT @LOLGOP: FYI: I'm praying for no hurricane an Tampa Bay. That many Republicans speaking is as much as a natural disaster as anyone de ...
  • Wed, 20:51: Sometimes I think about searching weird hashtags on Instagram. Then I realize that I don't want to see if people snap pics of their poops.
  • Wed, 21:09: CNN left out "Herpes test came back positive", "Killed your cat" & "I got your baby drunk LOLZ" #textsgonebad
  • Wed, 22:47: Don't you hate it when you have that recurring dream where you see that you're destined to take the form of Shai Hulud?
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