August 2nd, 2011


My tweets

  • Mon, 18:50: Passing out now so I can be up at 2:45 am to head to Denver. Yay or something for work trips.
  • Tue, 02:13: Cruising ladies at 3 am on OKCupid isn't creepy if you're waiting for Super Shuttle, right?
  • Tue, 02:19: Totally didn't just give directions to the driver on how to get to LGA. Clearly he would know since that's all he does.
  • Tue, 02:42: And now I wait 3 hours to board a plane. When will teleportation become a viable alternative?
  • Tue, 03:39: I would love to know what gate I'm leaving from so I can head through security. Any day now frontier, any day.
  • Tue, 08:26: And now to sit in KC for an hour waiting for my connecting flight. Seriously, are the airlines keeping teleportation secret from us?