December 27th, 2010


My tweets

  • Sun, 12:19: My iPod's dock port seems jacked and won't connect properly. My warranty is up in two weeks. COINCIDENCE?!?!?! #appleownerwoes
  • Sun, 18:36: There is at least 3 inches of snow outside my apt. Also at Piper's Kilt.
  • Sun, 18:37: @SeanCrespo Do they replace Jason Segal's cock with a summer sausage?
  • Sun, 21:05: Does anyone else get coupons for laser tag past the age of 20? I think I enjoyed shooting live kids with lasers more than digital kids.
  • Sun, 22:15: Just watched Code 46, a movie that's an allegory for trickle down econ, mega-corp evil & how Tim Robbins boned his younger genetic mom.
  • Mon, 09:34: Blizzardageddon continues in NYC. My street is plowed but I live on Broadway. Of course it was plowed. Staying cozy as long as I can.