November 19th, 2010


My tweets

  • Wed, 14:55: RT @ebertchicago: The notion that sane, patient NPR is leftist shows you how crazy we've become.
  • Wed, 16:43: Today has been a day of shit. Natl website went down, Not Me clogged our toilet and it flooded. Pro? Jill got Decemberists tix ordered.
  • Wed, 16:54: Approaching burnout. :(
  • Wed, 19:39: @Vinnie_Zoots Should that be comforting or concerning?
  • Wed, 23:31: Good times with good friends makes the day better. Plus Thanksgiving plans booked.
  • Wed, 23:31: RT @rstevens: People who brag about getting in on the ground floor obviously are not cool enough for the secret sex dungeon.
  • Wed, 23:33: @jrizzo Breaking the fourth wall is for fat orange cats and Parker Lewis alone. #unfunnycomedy
  • Thu, 11:26: Ha! The first Decemberists show in January already sold out. Thank goodness the Anders family got our tix yesterday.