November 16th, 2010


My tweets

  • Sun, 13:40: Is the adult version of SIDS called SADS? How hard do you have to shake someone for them to have SADS?
  • Sun, 15:23: Why doesn't this happen to the Westboro folks more often?
  • Sun, 16:43: Someone plz explain how getting low-level radiation and sending a service desk in India my naked pic is safer than a metal detector at LGA.
  • Sun, 17:52: How long to develop a fetish for having your junk bombarded w/radiation? How about having government agents fondle you? #newfrequentflyer
  • Sun, 18:53: In other news, sales of Viagra seem to be increasing at pharmacies within a 5 mile radius of every airport. #newfrequentflyer
  • Sun, 22:16: Has anyone been watching The Walking Dead? Is it worth investing my time/money in downloading?
  • Mon, 09:51: RT @idislikestephen: The Beatles catalog's release on iTunes is the biggest news story since the last time a product everyone has was ma ...
  • Mon, 11:16: Too many cooks in the kitchen. My brain is disintegrating along with my will to live.