November 5th, 2010


My tweets

  • Wed, 13:50: RT @RL_Stine: I'm so glad I live in New York City and not in the United States.
  • Wed, 16:22: Women come and go. Love yourself cause you're awesome. Be more assertive. Rock out often. #tweetyour16yearoldself
  • Wed, 18:03: My flight is bumped to 7, putting me in nyc at 1235, home probably around 2 am. Ugh.
  • Wed, 18:52: Bumped to 7:45 now. Maybe I will get to see the sun rise over nyc from the plane if they keep bumping.
  • Wed, 19:01: In other news, most of this list of reasons to love NYC ring true for me.
  • Wed, 19:40: Flight delayed to 8:10 pm MT due to "Air traffic control", landing at 1:45 am now. Maybe. If eJesus decides to bless us. Damn LGA & United.
  • Wed, 19:56: Oh great, now the board says that my flight is departing at "Fuck:You". Thanks @LGA and @UnitedAirlines for making my life awesome.
  • Wed, 20:35: Finally on the plane. Cross your fingers toes eyes and legs you slut.Er, for luck. For me.
  • Thu, 00:45: Upgraded from sky bus to taxi cab. Can tonight be one of the nights where the city sleeps? #homesweethome
  • Thu, 08:13: Feeling like hell this morning. Denver poisoned me (seriously, food or illness). Going to ingest one of those Emergen-C things and rest. :(