March 6th, 2010


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“So it's nearly 5:00 in the morning. I'm at the AMC Empire Theater in Times Square. I have knocked out two of the ten movies for the 24 hour festival and I'm doing good so far. I had already seen Avatar which was the first movie. I had not seen or even remembered seeing(?) about A Simple man which is a so good movie, the Colin Brothers film about a, a Jewish ___ quite good, it's good. I'm standing outside on like the 3rd floor 4th floor whatever the floor this is of the roof of the theater cos there he's got it open up so people can go outside and smoke and get some fresh air. It's so weird being, outside in Time Square and it's so quiet like nobody cos it's, it's a quarter to 5:00 in the morning, nobody's up so nobody's doing anything. I think this is the only time that this neighborhood is quiet like it is, it's weird. I'm looking down at the street, there's nobody on the sidewalks. So anyway, I'm going to do my best to try to make it through all 10 movies today. I might have to skip out to during Up, or Up In The Air. Well ___ is about to start playing at about 10 minutes so, maybe Not Up but maybe Up In The Air, maybe District 9, or Inglorius Bastards, I have both of those on DVD so not like I'm missing too much, I've not seen both of them so I don't know, another opportunity seeing Inglorius Bastards into the theater ___. So anyway, something for the people who works on Saturdays to listen to and they get in to work and go what the hell or their folks who wake up at 11:00 in the morning tomorrow today.”

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