November 11th, 2008


Blah blah blah

And now it's time for the evolving "New York trip TWO list of things to do" for the upcoming trip:

  • Photo of myself in front of the UN wearing my "We Are Not All Jerks" t-shirt, preferably with foreign tourists.

  • The Great Burrito

  • Happy Taco

  • PDT

  • A record store of some sort (or the same two record stores from before; I sort of want to hit the nicer one again to see if they still have Run DMC doing "Walk This Way" on vinyl...)

  • A trip to the library

  • Catching a show at the UCB Theater

  • Getting Kat and/or myself drunk. Gawd! What's a trip out of town without drunken shenanigans?

  • Madam Spell New Year's Shrink show

  • Current Music
    Margot and The Nuclear So & So's - Broadripple Is Burning