March 15th, 2008


Seriously? Better looking than James Brown? I would hope so since he's been dead for over a year!

New York City?! Did I really go all the way to New York City? Already it feels like a dream. Vacations have a habit of doing that, I suppose. Home felt so strange to me when I returned, as though my mind had trouble acknowledging that this was where I belonged. That isn't to say that I'd rather be living in New York, but that I'd begun to adjust to a routine elsewhere and my mind was hesitant to return to the tedious way of life back here.

I'm slowly but surely working on a post recapping my entire trip, to the best of my ability. If you're lucky (and I'm ambitious enough), it'll even include some pictures from the trip. Thanks to Kat (for the eighty seventh time) for putting up with me for a whole week while I invaded her life, apartment, and city. Hopefully she doesn't hate me after having to deal with my obnoxiously punny crap for seven days.
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