February 10th, 2008


They do it all the time...

Dear corporate retail jerks,

Can you please refrain from playing depressing songs about love and loss while I'm out trying to buy a hat? It's bad enough that no one carries driving hats, causing me to have checked the better part of half of the city without having any luck. But to have to endure James Taylor followed by Duncan Sheik followed by Fuel and Matchbox 20? And that was just while I was wandering around the outdoor mall here in Wyandotte. I understand that a study was recently published showing that people spend more money when they are sad and depressed, but that shouldn't mean that you immediately turn around and pump out the (emo) jams. I realize that I may be overly sensitive about such things right now, but that's not the point. I'd be just fine with some mellow instrumental elevator music. At the very least, something innocuous that I can just tune out.


Also, I'm taking Meg's advice to buy a hat down in Westport and then I'm giving up. This has been a ridiculous search.
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