March 6th, 2007

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Random news post

That there half-time show with that HOMOSEXUAL man stroking his "GUITAR" made my boy gay! I'm having him checked for THE HIV! Seriously? What is wrong with our country that people think they need to have their kids checked for STDs because they saw something on TV? The rest of the complaints that they show are equally disturbing in their level of ridiculousness.

Jack Cafferty's scathing opinion on the Walter Reed scandal. It's too bad there aren't more angry reporters/editorialists on TV with an intelligent opinion. As far as the conditions at Walter Reed are concerned, fear not, Bob Dole is on the case.

Steven Spielberg has been sitting on a stolen Rockwell for years.

I haven't posted anything for awhile about life. Things are fine. Mostly been busy living and not as busy contemplating writing about all of that living. It happens. :)
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Oh, and Merry Fitzmas boys and girls, Scooter was found guilty on 4 out of 5 charges. It'd be nice if we saw more indictments come through the pipeline (Karl Rove?), but it probably won't happen. C'est la vie.