September 27th, 2006

welcome to the future baby...

It's easier to leave than to be left behind...

Calexico is playing the Bottleneck this Saturday. I'm going to see if I can con anyone into going *hint hint*, though I don't know many people into folk/alt-country. $14. Joseph Arthur is there next Saturday night and only running $9.
It's no secret that I love to go out for a leisurely drive on occasion. Last Friday I randomly drove out to Lansing just so I could drive back to KC on K-5 because I like the drive. Saturday night, after drinks and hitting the casino to cash in a $20 coupon for free cash that they mailed me, I found myself wandering North Kansas City for the first time in a long time. The road has been calling me for awhile. Driving to Cincy didn't get the need to road trip out of my system, or at least it didn't provide a long enough fix. Perhaps my fragile mental state is to blame, a sort of "fight or flight" variant kicking in, a childish need to run away from my responsibilities and from issues that I'm reluctant to deal with. Blah blah blah. Nothing and no one can make me happy until I make the appropriate efforts to make myself happy. Some day I'll actually act upon that philosophy instead of pretending I live by it.
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