September 14th, 2006


Random, party of me

I'd forgotten how much I liked this album from Eels. Thank goodness iTunes randomly reminds me of the quality music I've been neglecting.

Work is still hell. The boss has announced that her and I are leaving at noon tomorrow, even if the building is on fire and people will die without us here.

I only have one disc left of the second season of Lost. There are a number of shows from last season that I need to get around to catching up on.

MySpace bitches be crazy.

Wii will be home in time for the holidays. I don't normally jump on the console bandwagon as soon as a machine comes out, but I might reconsider this time around since the price tag is a meager $250.

I find it odd that I've been making the "chicken butt" retort more frequently over the last few months and then suddenly Penny Arcade whips it out for no apparent reason.

Dear Colin Powell: It's too late to bitch slap Dubya. Should've thought about doing that while you still worked for the man. Now we're f'ed.
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    Eels - Losing Streak