September 13th, 2006

Wee Willy Wonka

Do you know what it's like to care too much about someone you're never going to get to touch?

screw this chicken soup crap
i'll tell you what i need
ice cream cake soup for the soul
warm and creamy
happy in the belly
comfort food for the moment
empty awesomeness

Work is giving me a brain aneurysym. Home is quiet and driving me stir crazy. The social life has been non-existant for the most part for a month now. Lots of random crap going on in the brain, though it's being drowned out by anger and cynicism due to work. That won't last for much longer as, hopefully, things at work should start quieting down soon.

It'd be nice to just go home, curl up with someone and vegetate for an evening. Of course that someone would have to force me to not talk about work or otherwise the vegetation would be ruined. Maybe I just need a vacation where I don't have anything to worry about aside from eating and sleeping and not being home.