July 19th, 2006


Cause it feels like I'm watching something dying...

Just in case there was some sort of misconception on anyone's part, none of my poetry or writing of late has been in regards to anyone or anything in particular. Some of it is autobiographical in nature, but only minutely. The main speaker in all of my writing tends to be based on some shade of myself, for a variety of reasons, but often my writing is an amalgamation of past and present as well as random things that come to me while listening to music or during a film or while reading a book. There have been occasions where my writing has been in direct response to some situation going on in my life, but it's rare and I typically try to keep that sort of thing under control. Anyway, there'd been an inquiry made by someone, so I thought a public statement on the matter was in order.

In other news, I went out and caught Immaculate Machine tonight at the Replay Lounge with Sarah Grrr. They were good, but you could tell the extreme heat was getting to their poor Canadian bodies. Still, for $2 (plus highway toll and gas money), I'm glad I went.
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    Beck - All In Your Mind