June 2nd, 2006

Hello mix tape boy

I'm not depressed, I'm just needy sometimes

self: Don't you even dare.
me: What? What the hell are you talking about?
self: Don't play stupid, you know what I'm talking about.
me: Seriously, I haven't got the slightest idea what you're talking about.
self: So that's the game you're going to play then? Ignorance is bliss and all that crap?
me: I think you've finally lost your mind.
self: Fine, you play your little game. The consequences aren't anything new, so you know what awaits you if turning a blind eye fails.
me: Are you sure I'm the one you should be worrying about?
self: Shut up.
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    Smashing Pumpkins - Jupiter's Lament

(no subject)

I was supposed to be at the office at 4:30 am. When I got there, I discovered that there had been a change in plan and one of our other staff members were there instead, having stopped along the way to the event this morning. No one called me. That was my only assigned thing for this morning. I could've continued hanging out with Meg last night. I could've slept in until my normal time. I could've done a lot of things OTHER than waste an hour of my life driving to and from the office, not to mention wasting gas. I am not happy. Thank goodness we're going to see Ghostbusters tonight, or I might be bitter all day long.

More random Cincy trip crap

Obligatory places I'd like to take Meg and Bob for their knowledge, my ability to map out routes, and to give Jen an opportunity to make sure I'm not missing someplace important.

Price Hill Chili
Regardless of whether or not we have an opportunity to hit Skyline or LaRosa's, I must have Price Hill bacon. This is not up for debate.

Shake It Records
Quite simply, this is the best record store I've ever been to ever ever ever. I don't have a shopping list (which is probably for the best), but I do want to pick up some sort of cool toy.

Reds vs. Cubs
We've already got this planned for, but I thought it might be good to hunt up a link for buying tickets. I don't know if we want to buy tickets now or not, though it probably wouldn't be a bad idea.

Skyline Chili
I feel that, as a chili lover, that I must force others to experience the bizarre phenomenon that is Cincy chili. Even Bob should be able to consume this chili since it contains little that will make him gassy and therefore cause us to abandon him in the ghetto. This is not an obligatory stop, however.

We should hunt down a Cornhole tourney. Not because I want to play, but because I want to mock it extensively.