May 16th, 2006


A news post? Those are sooooooo 2004...

Manuel Noriega gets released from jail next year. The problem is, will anyone under the age of 30 even know who he is by then? I jokingly mentioned his name in a conversation awhile back (something about blasting someone out of their hidey hole with rock music), but the reference went over the person's head. Pretty soon people will even begin to forget what a tyrant Margaret Thatcher was!

Al Gore has suddenly reappeared from the ether recently. He is the centerpiece of a documentary about global warming that comes out this summer. Apparently he was also on SNL this weekend.

Call Livelinks, get a date with the hot chick from Lost. Before-they-were-famous commercials make me happy when they're this cheesy.

Funny, I thought Barry Bonds was haunted by BALCO and steroids, not Babe Ruth.

And finally, Mormons are contracting bubonic plague. Well, they could be. Very soon. Seriously. BLACK DEATH!
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