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April 11th, 2006 - Revisionist Historian Extraordinaire! — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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April 11th, 2006

(no subject) [Apr. 11th, 2006|11:59 am]
[Your mom ain't listening to |Murder By Death - Until Morale Improves...]

Stolen from brad who stole it from others: This guy is having a rough first day on the job as a forklift operator.
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All I do is work work work the days away... [Apr. 11th, 2006|06:16 pm]
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The following is a work rant. Feel free to ignore it as I can sum it up for you here: work sucks and I'm generally angry and unhappy because of it.

Yesterday: Made a last minute trip to Topeka to pick up a computer. When I say "last minute", I mean I made it there as they were closing at 4:30. Then I came back to the office and was here until 8:00 pm.

Today: Work on the computer I brought back took longer than expected, so I didn't have to drive to Topeka again. Unfortunately I've got a pile of other stuff that needs to be done, so I'll probably be here until 8 again.

The last two days should've been spent working on getting things entered from this last weekend's walk, but there's been some sort of hold-up between our admin department, the bank, and paperwork making it's way to me.

This all adds up to a not so happy Sean. Add on to that the fact that my employment status has been changed to salaried without any official notification. The gal that handles payroll showed me what my paycheck is going to look like on Friday and to say I'm annoyed and displeased is the understatement of the century, especially given the late hours I've put in this week alone.
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(no subject) [Apr. 11th, 2006|06:50 pm]
Last night I uploaded en-masse some of my photos from the trip to Chicago way back in November. These are just some random shots that I thought came out fairly well.
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