February 23rd, 2006

computers don't byte

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A poem I wrote for my boss earlier this week:

Dear Jesus,
Please please please please please!
Please don't let the Windows XP installation discs be in the machine we sent to Springfield.
OMFG THEY'RE IN THE MACHINE IN SPRINGFI...oh wait, nevermind, they're right here.
Thanks Jesus.
into this night i wander

I loved you Guinevere...

we spin about in the same graveyard dance
tiptoe tiptoe tiptoe
when we'll drop, nobody knows

a morbid parody of the classic tv romance
missing cues and flubbing lines
jumping the shark time after time after time

a chill air blew in but we were already numb
why couldn't that goodbye i said so long ago
have been the last last last goodbye?