December 6th, 2005

ski monster

How does it feel to be perfect in everything you do?

Packages keep showing up for me this week. Yesterday was a delivery of awesome shirts from Threadless. Today saw the delivery of some plain t-shirts from amazon and the Post Secret book that Jen and I mutually ordered each other for Christmas. To my knowledge, that's the end of the deliveries for the week.

Because I shouldn't be spending however much money I might need to if I want to meet the reserve, I thought I'd throw this eBay item out there for those of you music nerds who are a little more wealthy than I am at this moment. Maybe you need an idea of something to have your parents get you that would be unique and different from the usual socks and gift cards. Whatever you've got to do to get your hands on a rare piece of NIN history, right? I'm thinking of a few people in particular who might be interested in this item.

In other news, WHO TURNED OFF THE HEAT OUTSIDE? It was 10 degrees out there, with a wind chill at about -5 this morning. This crap is supposed to come next month.

Are any KC people planning to be at the Death Cab show at Memorial Hall on the 16th? I bought my ticket before they went on sale and now they're all sold out, so none of my usual concert going buddies have a ticket and I was hoping to discover that someone else I know may be there.
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