November 30th, 2005


Thanks Ike for not beating me as much this time. I'll still love you for a little while longer.

Car is in the shop. It's been 4 months, so it was about that time. Apparently the fuel regulator had a crack of some sort in it and was spraying gas. I'm told I'm lucky to be alive because it could've possibly caught fire, backtracked it's way through the fuel line, and caused my entire car to explode. Some days I could only be so lucky. I'm only half joking. Along with a few other minor repairs, it's going to cost me a pretty penny, but the guy is trying to slip me as many discounts as he can to cut down the costs. The nice thing about getting your work done at the same shop all the time is that they want to continue bleeding you dry, so they offer to bleed you a little bit less just so you'll be a sucker and come back for more. Fortunately, they should be done with it by this evening. My mom's talking about paying for part of it as a Christmas gift. I'd rather she didn't, but it'll mean I won't be subsisting on peanut butter sandwiches until the 15th. Blah.
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