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September 19th, 2005

(no subject) [Sep. 19th, 2005|03:57 pm]
Sufjan Stevens, 9/21/05 at the Bottleneck, $12, 8 PM open
Grand Buffet, 9/25/05 at the Jackpot Saloon, $5 at the door at 9 pm
William Elliot Whitmore, 10/8/05 at Replay Lounge, 21 & older, $2 at door
Sage Francis, 10/16/05, Omaha's Sokol Underground, $15 (I've emailed the webmaster to confirm this isn't a 21+ show)
Why?, 10/30/05 at the Jackpot Saloon, $7 at the door
Atmosphere & Blueprint, 11/11/05 at the Granada, $15
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Two turntables and a microphone... [Sep. 19th, 2005|04:47 pm]
[Your mom ain't listening to |Sublime - What I Got]

I've been promising to put together a Hiphop For Beginners album for my brother for about 6 months now and still haven't gotten around to it. For those of you with quality taste in rap/hiphop music, what tracks would you suggest to suck someone into the world of beats and rhymes? What artist sucked you into the genre?

Clarify: This boy currently listens to all of the indie rock stuff that I've stumbled across over the last few years, so he's got a pretty solid background in the vast alternative rock world, with a leaning towards punk music the last time I checked. Also, anything from DJs is welcome as well (DJ Shadow, RJD2, etc.).
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