September 15th, 2005

rummy <3 saddam

There's already enough crazy to go around in this office without me adding to it...

So much in life can be summed up with the phrase "Girls is bitches, dudes is punks". We'd all get along much better if we remembered that.

OMFG PANIC PANIC PANIC! Not really though. You'd think that the media would make a big deal out of a couple of mice laden with The Plague that have gone missing. What other news is Katrina covering up? OMG! CONSPIRACY! ;)

I've been burying myself in the news and work lately to ignore the fact that I have little to no social life these days. It'd be nice to get out and do something, but that requires me to have an idea of what I want to do. It doesn't help that I've nearly let myself fall into pitfall traps like considering hanging out with an ex with whom making out was our only shared interest. An evening of good times with friends with whom the level of drama is somewhere near zero is in order. Do I have that many of those left in the city? Hm. Said evening needs to happen somewhere other than my home where I've been going stir-crazy during those few hours that I've spent there this last month or so. Perhaps I'll just sucker my brother into hitting up the arcade. Blah. I'm whiny and I apologize.
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In other news, apparently the children of the new white trash neighbors up the street are trashing our trash cans. My sister is about to go have a talk with some punk pre-pubescents. YAY for neighborhood wars with new people! I think I'm going to head home now in case there's an altercation.

Update: No chin-checking was needed. The guy renting the place, while dopey and overly talkative, seemed pretty reasonable and I don't think we'll be having any more problems. He let us know that if we did, just let him know. I still think his gf is a skanky drug-addled hoe, but if he'll keep her in check, then we're all good.
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