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August 30th, 2005

(no subject) [Aug. 30th, 2005|09:24 am]
"'This is our tsunami,' Biloxi Mayor A.J. Holloway told the Biloxi Sun Herald newspaper." I don't mean to be an insensitive dick because I think it's terrible what's happened to everyone effected by the hurricane. That said, WTF? Over 226,000 died in the tsunami. Until over 1000 people die from the hurricane, I don't want to hear anyone compare the hurricane to the tsunami unless they're saying, "Man, at least this wasn't as big as that giant tsunami that popped out of nowhere." It just serves to remind me of how self-centered Americans as a whole tend to be.
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(no subject) [Aug. 30th, 2005|11:49 pm]
[Your mom ain't listening to |Death Cab For Cutie - Summer Skin]

Interesting. Looks like booze and arcade machines will be joining us soon after all. It isn't GameWorks, but it's good enough for me. It seems like I've heard good things about Dave & Busters from people in the past, but I can't recall for certain. I'll just be happy to have something worthwhile to do in KCK, even if it means spending time out by the Nascar track. Hopefully the standard Wyandotte trash won't ruin it for the rest of us.
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