June 9th, 2005


I think it's strange you never knew...

Amber Tamblyn's picks on this playlist (link opens up iTunes, is not viewable without iTunes) gives me some hope that all indie/underground hiphop is starting to break through to the mainstream.

Think Dean might be a little crazy about the whole "The GOP is all about white christians" thing? Do some research and then rethink your decision. I'm not saying that the man isn't overbearing at times, but I can't disagree with him on the issue of the priorities of the majority of the GOP and it's influential donors.

I wish I knew someone who might sell me their tickets to the Serenity screening on June 23rd. Although I didn't watch the series at all while it was on TV (mostly due to too much life going on to enjoy TV outside of 24), I quickly got hooked when I went back and watched the series from an alternative source earlier this year. Maybe it's the fact that the show is in the style of a western, only set in space, that attracts me. Maybe it's the characters. Maybe Joss Whedon is just a brilliant writer/director/ideaman. I really don't want to wait until September to see the movie with the rest of the world, but it appears that I will have to. C'est la vie.

Also, MoveOn PAC petition info for your review:
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