June 7th, 2005


Just a few more hours...

Holy crap. I feel bad for the artists at tonight's show because the turnout sucked and the crowd energy was low (Monday night + summer heat), but I still had a good time. Maybe you'll get an update in the morning. I = ded.

There's never enough time in the day to play as much as you might like...

This software install I'm working on needs to hurry up. I've got hunger to attend to as well as vegging out to do at home, either entailing playing God Of War or watching the Scribble Jam 9 disc. :P

The Scribble Jam tour show last night was pretty awesome, for the most part. Animal Crackers, Glue, Blueprint, and Dibbs were excellent. Anti-crew was alright, in that "I'm in the mood for sophmoric indie hiphop" kind of way. The MC battle stank like toilet water. It was so bad that Adeem (from Glue) and Mac Lethal (who was there as a judge for the battle) got up and battled each other for fun after rapping at great length about the shittiness of the people who'd signed up to battle. Except for two of the guys (who unfortunately faced off in the first round), the MCs who showed up sounded like they'd all watched 8 Mile before coming out to the show. Dibbs looked like he'd rather be pissed on than be judging. The turnout was lower than I expected and the energy sucked too. I felt bad for the artists for making such a long haul for a small crowd with no energy (Monday night + summer heat != energetic concertgoers). I blew $80 at the merch table, though $45 of that was on tickets for the actual Scribble Jam show in Cincy. Also made an ass of myself to Mrs. Dibbs. Thankfully I didn't flirt with her or anything because I suspect Mr. Dibbs would've shown me that he'd learned about the Wyandotte County curb stomp when they drove through earlier in the day. Whateve. Picked up the Scribble Jam 9 dvd, Mr Dibbs' "Mini Mash Ups" and "Turntable Hardcore Vol 1" as well as Adeem & Shalem's "Transitions" as well as my tickets. Good times. :)
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