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May 27th, 2005 - Revisionist Historian Extraordinaire! — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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May 27th, 2005

You better watch it with that thing, you might put an eye out... [May. 27th, 2005|12:24 pm]
[Your mom ain't listening to |The Mountain Goats - This Year]

This just in, Tom DeLay needs to stop watching so much TV and worry more about not being a crook instead. Honestly, I'm crying for you Tom DeLay. Tears are running down my face. From laughing at you. Because you're a self-important whiny sack of santorum.

Seriously. It's a Jerkcity comic in the making.

Cheap emo music, for the couple of you that might be interested.

And finally, I hope these guys aren't a hoax, because I like the idea of soldiers being trapped in some distant land for decades, thinking that their still fighting the war. It's horrible for them, but funny to me. :)
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I used to be a little boy, so old in my shoes... [May. 27th, 2005|05:46 pm]
[Your mom ain't listening to |Adem - Long Drive Home]

Two mix discs are completed. Who still wants a piece of this action? Email me to arrange some sort of trade/swap/meetup. Both discs are indie/emo/folky, so if you're a tasteless snob who is looking for an album of catchy radio pop rock, you may not like them.
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