May 27th, 2005


You better watch it with that thing, you might put an eye out...

This just in, Tom DeLay needs to stop watching so much TV and worry more about not being a crook instead. Honestly, I'm crying for you Tom DeLay. Tears are running down my face. From laughing at you. Because you're a self-important whiny sack of santorum.

Seriously. It's a Jerkcity comic in the making.

Cheap emo music, for the couple of you that might be interested.

And finally, I hope these guys aren't a hoax, because I like the idea of soldiers being trapped in some distant land for decades, thinking that their still fighting the war. It's horrible for them, but funny to me. :)
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I used to be a little boy, so old in my shoes...

Two mix discs are completed. Who still wants a piece of this action? Email me to arrange some sort of trade/swap/meetup. Both discs are indie/emo/folky, so if you're a tasteless snob who is looking for an album of catchy radio pop rock, you may not like them.
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