May 25th, 2005


I guess I'm doing fine...

Work is underway on the creation of a playlist for a long haul. Some of it slow and mildly depressing, some of it loud and obnoxious and perfect for highway driving. We'll see where it ends up. My guess is that it'll be at least 4 discs long.
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    Beck - The Golden Age

WTF iPod? Stabbing Westward?! That's on there out of nostalgia for the 90's, not for playing...

Hypothetical: If someone accidently burns down a fertility clinic after hours and no one who entered the building with a pulse is injured in the fire, can we still charge them with mass murder for destroying hundreds if not thousands of frozen embryos? Slippery slopes are fun to theorize about.

I have no time to hold anyone's hands in this office, something I've made abundantly clear. I'm on the verge of yelling at the next person who asks me to do something stupid for them.

Having a lackey is awesome! I didn't even have to leave the office for lunch. This will be a good summer. It'll be nice to have someone at the office that I can bitch to about work who will appreciate my bitching. Hiring my brother was the best idea I've had in awhile. He seems to be enjoying it so far as well. Good times all around. :)

So long V'ger!
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    Steve Burns - Henry Krinkles Lament

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It's official: none of my female troubles are even about me. I found out that Bobbi got engaged this weekend. That got me to thinking about other girls whom I've had an interest in at one point or another. Skater girl who ditched me because I wasn't a skater punk got married and I think was pregnant the last time I talked to her (admittedly, about two years ago). My interest in Rose was fleeting, but IIRC, the last I heard about her, she'd gotten married and was having a kid too. I don't know the current status of the two Raymore-Peculiar girls. I suspect Missy is at least engaged and I think Sara would've told me if she'd gotten engaged. All of the girls whom I've ever dated and a good portion of the one's I've been interested in dating are engaged or married now and a good portion of those are pregnant. It's a sign! Unfortunately it may just be a sign of my Rob Gordon-ness...

Seriously, I think this is damnably hilarious. What does it all mean?