May 24th, 2005

welcome to the future baby...

When do we get to the part where I can go home?

Someone needs to bring me some food. Specifically, now. But I'd be willing to wait until lunch. Really, I just want to continue being semi-productive. My brother starts work here tomorrow. Then I'll have a lackey to get me lunch! :)

How does one go about finding someone to take on an old-fashioned dinner and a movie/leisurely drive kind of date these days? My "little black book" has a few emergency numbers in it, but none of them are numbers I particularly want to call. This question was brought to you by a very odd dream I had this morning involving a girl whose face I recognized but couldn't place. Anyway.

Let's follow up talk of healthy adult behavior with talk of rebellious behavior and a little bit of not-funny humor. I still want my gam zeh ya'avor tattoo. I've scoured google for help with getting the actual hebrew characters without much to show for it. What I need are some orthodox jewish friends...

I don't always know how I've come across bands that I listen to on Rhapsody. It'd be easy to assume that I just saw they were a featured artist or maybe it suggested their album to me. Case in point, The Weights. Alt-Country music that I can listen to, but I've got no clue how they ended up on my lengthy playlist. Quite the contrast to the Shostakovich I was listening to this morning.
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Dear Granada Theater,
Why are you run by jerks who never work at the box office? I just want to buy tickets to Scribble Jam, is that so much to ask? I realize that you might think that the demand for said show isn't large enough to provide me with info about the show, but you're wrong. My interest should be enough. Dicks. Answer your phone or return my phone call based on the message I left you. Don't ignore me or I'll only get madder. Jerks.

Someone who has already poured enough ticket sales/booze money into your establishment this year as it is

Nevermind. Apparently tickets went on sale today. :) I'm all good to go.
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