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May 2005 - Revisionist Historian Extraordinaire! — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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May 2005
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12:28 am: Twelve clever ways to say I love you with words that always fail... - 1 thought
12:52 pm: There's not enough years underneath this belt for me to admit the way that I felt... - 4 thoughts
05:27 pm: I warn you, I have thorns... - 2 thoughts
02:47 am: This is the story of the boys who loved you, who love you now and loved you then...
10:10 am: I'm always asking myself what does it all mean and where do we go from here...
04:58 pm: "And that was...that?", or "This is the moral of the story, not the end..." or or or
07:25 pm: If I get it all down on paper, it's no longer inside of me threatening the life it belongs to... - 3 thoughts
06:17 pm: (no subject)
02:39 am: I don't get no sleep in a quiet room...
01:20 pm: Take me sailing again... - 2 thoughts
12:11 pm: In the future, everything we write will be analyzed to death like Gatsby by high school seniors... - 3 thoughts
04:59 pm: I've lost direction, and I'm past my peak; I'm telling you this isn't me... - 1 thought
11:52 am: (no subject) - 5 thoughts
07:25 pm: (no subject) - 1 thought
12:39 am: Met a girl, she was half out of her mind. That's ok cause I'm half out of mine...
04:26 pm: But I'd rather be working for a paycheck than waiting to win the lottery... - 1 thought
05:59 pm: Summer rain, dripping down your face again...
06:54 pm: Phone Post
04:50 pm: What's that saying again? They're only words and words can't kill me...
04:10 pm: (no subject)
06:21 pm: (no subject)
06:37 pm: (no subject) - 2 thoughts
09:04 am: (no subject)
06:17 pm: "Heard your voice in between the lines," or "Break my arms around my love..." - 3 thoughts
07:23 pm: These seconds when I'm shaking leave me shuddering for days... - 2 thoughts
04:18 pm: I feel like every day I have something new to tell you, show you what I've written... - 1 thought
11:18 pm: Working for Setec Astronomy was always a joke...
04:59 pm: (no subject) - 1 thought
03:46 pm: (no subject)
11:53 pm: Let's erase each other from our memories and start over at the beginning... - 2 thoughts
12:47 am: My eyelids droop and I find myself wondering why I'm really here...
01:41 am: Oh lord, reach down and send me on my feet with the winds of change... - 1 thought
12:52 pm: The positive things are harder to say because they always come out sounding bittersweet...
01:27 pm: When do we get to the part where I can go home? - 4 thoughts
09:01 pm: (no subject)
01:25 am: I guess I'm doing fine...
02:42 pm: WTF iPod? Stabbing Westward?! That's on there out of nostalgia for the 90's, not for playing...
02:52 pm: (no subject)
09:39 pm: (no subject) - 5 thoughts
12:24 pm: You better watch it with that thing, you might put an eye out...
05:46 pm: I used to be a little boy, so old in my shoes...
06:10 pm: Are you happy where you're sleeping? - 5 thoughts
07:39 pm: Eventually enough layers will be peeled away that I'll finally be laid bare...
11:32 am: (no subject) - 1 thought
11:20 pm: (no subject)