April 28th, 2005


You must have known I'd do this someday...

me: Well that was unexpected.
self: Seriously. Did you slip some rufees into his soda over the course of the day?
me: Rat poison actually. I figured it'd be healthy for his diet.
self: Sounds healthier than those crappy frozen pizzas he eats when he doesn't have time for real food.
me: Maybe he's finally becoming comfortable with himself after all these years.
self: Shhh, don't even suggest that he's got his self-esteem under control! A revelation like that could topple the whole place!
me: Aren't you overexaggerating just a little?
self: The mortar is still settling. Give it some time before you start making these wild accusations that may or may not be true.
me: True enough.
self: So where do you think things will go from here?
me: Hopefully he'll take that momentum and start the Rob Gordon tour of tears.
self: *chuckles* I doubt he'll actual call her and tell her he's not coming. I can see him having the talk with her online or sending an email, but do you think he'd actually break the news to her through direct real-time conversation?
me: The case could be made that it'd be healthier for their relationship if he just called her and they had the final Battle Royale. On the other hand, she'll probably just hang up and turn her phone off. The potential for drama is far less severe if he just sent her an email and said everything that needs to be said.
self: It's time to clip that thread, however it's done. He'll figure it out.
me: It's going to be a long spring.
self: Ignoring the fact that it's 50 degrees and dreary outside right now, it's nearly summer already.
me: Shh. The movie's about to start back up again...

This song is strangely reminiscent of Waiting For The Worms from Pink Floyd, only the polar opposite. It's probably just me though.

Also, I find this amusing, to a degree. It's the same with all burgeoning technology to some degree, but the fact that they have statistics on iPod theft, not just personal music devices, makes me chuckle. Humans are funny creatures.