April 26th, 2005


(no subject)

There was a time where I lived by the rule that it wasn't my responsibility to ensure that others behaved responsibly, that I could only control my own destiny. Then came a time where I was foolish and wanted to force my beliefs on others because leading by example didn't seem to work. These days I barely know how I want to handle things and am rarely willing to suggest a path for others to follow. Passive-aggression meets alpha male meets withdrawn/mildly depressed.

Why don't we open up? Knowing that we all falter, when will we learn to reach out for each other?

Slice and dice
Hit puree and watch the blender devour
Volumes of thoughts and emotion
Condensed and abridged into a paper back novel

Meanwhile you slowly shed your winter clothes
Baring the bruises and scars
A million words expressed with a passing glance
Skin lays bare, begging to be caressed, to be cared for

Hints, allegations, things left unsaid
Ghosts of time gone past run through our heads
Life goes on, time passes
Where do we go from here?

Don't mind me. Free-form rambling is my artform of choice today.