January 15th, 2005

pudding won't fill that hole but it'll h

All I ever wanted was to pick apart today, put the pieces back together my way...

New developments in the work world. I don't want to discuss them quite yet as they may not come to fruition, but things have suddenly gotten very interesting.

The Decemberists will be back in April, this time playing a more fitting venue, the Granada.

Up, down, and back again. That's the best description of my life at any given point in time. Time is a bi-polar schizophrenic hell bent on finding out if everything in the store is a dollar. It's Everything's A Dollar, of course it's all a dollar.
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    Badly Drawn Boy - Summertime Is Wintertime
welcome to the future baby...

Be there CHUDDs or be a subhumanoid!

The director's cut version of Donnie Darko hits the street on Feb 15th. I'm going to hold a Donnie Darko extravaganza at my house on Feb 18th, featuring Last Temptation Of Christ, Back To The Future, and the newest edition of Donnie Darko. More details unneeded and will only serve to confuse you.
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    Seu Jorge - Life On Mars?