October 15th, 2004

everyone needs christ-like imagery, Super Walken

Put me on your cross, I'll not save you from your sins...

In your own precise way, you are less inclined to color within the lines of your coloring book. Your mind is working overtime and you can clearly see the limitations of the role you play. You may be looking for ways to change the game. The path, however, is not as clear as your analysis. If you do move forward, keep your motives straight and don't do it for personal gain. Do it for the good of all involved and it should be okay Hmm. This is one of those rare occasions when I'm forced to agree with a horoscope. Unfortunately, there are a dozen games I'm involved in and my role in all of them is severely limited. I've yet to figure out how to escape from these bonds or how to live within them. Cryptic enough for you? It's almost too cryptic for me.

Tonight is the Death Cab For Cutie show. I'm hoping for some Postal Service "covers", or any covers for that matter. I might post some songs tonight, though I think I'll have to send them to the old journal and cheat the system. Ah well. I'm a cheater.

On that note, OMFG the site is slow when you aren't logged in as an awesome user. I pity you folk. Thank goodness I'm super awesome.

Bored. The old job is not doing a good job of keeping my interest these days. Oh wait, it wasn't doing that before either.
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